10 Healthy Habits to Begin in College


Incoming freshmen, are you preparing for your big move to the dorms and the other big opportunities that are coming your way? A whole new chapter of life is about to begin, so make sure you’re ready! With this new chapter comes self-discovery, learning, independence, and some major lifestyle changes. With your plans ahead, here are Samir Becic’s and Health Fitness Revolution’s tips for 10 Habits to Begin in College, for continued health, happiness, and success in the future.

  •  Plenty of Sleep: Not getting enough sleep makes people irritable, irrational, and clumsy too. Not only that, but your body won’t get the time it needs to recuperate from the previous day’s events. Your immune system can be compromised if you don’t let your body rest and you are more likely to gain weight, as well. Get plenty of sleep so your brain can learn and absorb as much information as possible, so exam week won’t be so stressful. Here is our article about the best foods to induce sleep in case you’re nervous!
  • Eat Healthy: The sooner you start eating healthy, the better. Try to stay away from fast food joints, although these places tend to be a great hang out spot for college students. They aren’t providing you nutritional meals at all.  It’s better for you to eat a healthy meal at home before going out to socialize so you won’t be tempted by unhealthy options.
  • Exercise Regularly: Even though you will have a busy schedule, walk around campus and explore whenever you get the chance. Most colleges have a student recreation center that students can use for free, so if you have an hour in between classes, give it a try. Bike places instead of driving, join an intramural sports team- be as active as you can, because you will not only feel better, but also perform better at your classes.
  • Stay Organized: It’s much easier to concentrate when things are in their correct place. Being organized will enable you to know where your books and assignments are located. Keeping track of dates will help you to know when exams are going to be, when final projects are due, and which classes are on what days. Keeping organized is also preparation for your career, where you may have deadlines throughout the month that require careful planning.
  • Read as Much as Possible: Being in college, you’re always going to have something to read whether you want to or not for your classes. However, we’re referring to reading books, magazines, or articles you actually enjoy, for fun. Reading keeps your  horizons opened and your mind fresh to thinking quickly. It is a great habit to instill into your life, for it will carry on as your blossom into adulthood.
  • Listen to Your Body: It’s never too early to start taking care of yourself. Keeping mental notes of how your body feels, whether or not you’re feeling 100 percent, is always a good habit to get into. Being in tune with your body will keep you healthy long term.
  • Say Yes! College is the perfect time for self discovery, so say yes to new experiences, meet new people, and push your comfort zone a little- so you can discover how great you can be!
  • Stay Optimistic: Having an optimistic outlook on life is going to make you a much happier person. Not only will you physically feel better, but happiness is contagious- you are more likely to attract other optimistic individuals who will be supportive of you and your goals.
  • Set Goals that are Achievable: Set goals that are within your reach so that you don’t get discouraged by monumental goals. It is healthiest to have attainable short term goals than have lofty long term goals. Dreaming big is great, but you have to make stepping stones in order to make them a reality!
  • Socialize Whenever You Can:  Ask anyone- college is a great time to meet new friends and mingle with new cultures. Getting out and talking to different people is much healthier than it is to sit holed up in your dorm room. Hang with friends every now and then, it’s good for your mental health to interact with other humans!

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