10 Reasons to be Grateful This Holiday Season


As this year comes to an end, let us take a look back at everything that has happened this past year. Of course, it came with a lot of terrible surprises, however, I’m sure beneath all the terrible events, you’ll find a memory that you can be grateful for. The past couple of years have been tough for everyone and many people lost a lot! But, being grateful for the lessons that this year has taught you is the best way to purge and move forward with your life and everything that is going on. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic will not end on January 1st, there are a lot of things to look forward to in 2022! Whether you lost your job and had to move in with your parents to make ends meet, or started a new job that you love, there are still ways to find things to be grateful for. Making a gratitude list at the end of every day or even every week can help to boost not only your confidence, but also allow you to better reminiscence and remember your day. It can allow you to relax and let go of all of the pent up negativity that you have been harboring. 

While you may not have all of these 10 things to be grateful for this year, take the time to appreciate the things on this list that you can check off.  Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that you can be grateful for this holiday season, regardless of your situation. 

1. Having a roof over your head

Even if you lost your job, had to move out of the apartment that you rent with your own money, and had to move back in with your parents or with friends; you still have a roof over your head and you should be thankful for it. I’m sure it gets frustrating to have to be back under your parent’s and their watch, however, there are people that are currently homeless and would do anything to have the type of support that you are receiving from your loved ones.

2. You have food to eat

Again, this is another simple need for people, however, something that a lot of people take for granted. Food may seem like any other necessity that most people fail to consider is something that a lot of people in the world are struggling to get. Due to the pandemic, many soup kitchens and homeless shelters have had to be closed and those that were relying on those places to get a warm meal aren’t even getting that anymore. In addition, food banks nationally are seeing a record number of people lining up for food during these difficult times. If you need help finding food- please use this great resource by Feeding America.

3. Having a job that pays you

While many people are struggling to get work because they were laid off and many companies and stores aren’t hiring new employees due to the pandemic, if you have a job that pays you money, and you are complaining about having to work, it is definitely not fair to those that have no job and no means to support themselves. Taking a moment to be thankful for the fact that you can still provide for yourself and your family, especially during these difficult times, is crucial.

4. You have people that love you

Whether you live with them, don’t live with the, speak to them frequently, or don’t get to speak with them frequently, there are still people out there who love you and want the best for you. People that are constantly thinking about you and your wellbeing and are hoping that whatever you’re doing right now, you are happy, safe, and content with your life. 

5. Good health

While this might be a hard one for a lot of people to be thankful for, if you were one of the many people that contracted the virus and was able to fight and beat it, then there’s something for you to be eternally grateful for. Along those lines as well, if you’re one of the lucky ones that have not contracted the virus at all, you are also extremely lucky! Millions of people lost their battle with this virus this year and were not even lucky enough to be surrounded by their loved ones as their final moments grew near. Please, if there’s at least one thing that you can give thanks for this holiday season, consider it to be this one. 

6. Time to relax

Because we are approaching the end of the year, you’re allowed time to take off and spend it however you’d like. In any way that will help you best relax and enjoy the moment. Even if you’re struggling to meet deadlines or finish your school work, afterwards, you can relax! 

7. Furry friends

Again, some things that people take for granted are their pets. While you may be taking them on walks daily and petting them, you should also be grateful for their undying love for you. They live their entire lives knowing only you and the amount of love that you pour upon them. They can make our entire days better just by being there with you. 

8. Technology

Now more than ever we should be grateful for technology! It has allowed us to stay in touch with our family and friends no matter where in the world we are. Because of the pandemic this year, technology has become an increasingly important need for us. Everything that we do requires some piece of technology; from talking to our family/friends/colleagues to doing work for school or our jobs! Technology has gotten us through so much this year.

9. Things that allow us to escape-even for a moment

With everything going on, it’s nice to take a moment and step away from the craziness. For most people that can be listening to their favorite music, watching their favorite movie or tv show, going for walk outdoors, or even reading their favorite books. But this escape, however small, makes the world of difference and allows for people to relax and put their minds at ease.

10. Yourself

No matter what hardships you faced this year, you should be grateful for yourself. For all of your hard work, unwavering optimism, and just your ability to get through it all. It has been an incredibly tough year and without your perseverance and determination to complete it, you wouldn’t be where you are today. You made it through 2020, a year that will undoubtedly make the history books!

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